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Our portfolio of retail products & new e-commerce brands grew by 703% in 2016. Over the first three quarters of 2017 we grew product sales by 933%. Q4 2018 finished with record breaking numbers. Q1 2019 we launched 6 new skus in an all new store aisle/online niches. 2019 Q2-Q4 we launched two new summer skus and 4 winter skus. 2020 was an incredibly strange year due to COVID. A diverse product portfolio helped us finish out Q3 up from the same time last year. When it comes to Private Label, we believe product diversity, materials science and custom molding/patterns support long-term success. We will help you refine your QC, RD, Sourcing, Packaging & Logistics so you can scale your product business as big as your dreams!


$299.99 Per Hour
Virtual Meeting
NDA Agreement
Brand & Media Mockups
Client: Brainstorming Phase


$999.99 Per Week
In-Person Consult
NDA Agreement
Brand & Media Creation 4 Concepts & 3 Revisions
Client: Action Phase


$7449.99 Per Label
Timeline W/ Milestones
NDA Agreement, TM Legal Services
Brochure Website, SSL, Logo Design, Photography, Video, Audio
Client: Committed Quarter


$20,000+ Per Website
Dedicated Staff
NDA Agreement, TM Legal Services, New Mould Design (CAD)
E-Com Website, SSL, Logo Design, Photography, Video, Audio
Client: Long Term Brand Build-Out


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Q: Why would I choose the ultimate package?

A: If your company can afford the fee, you are guaranteed to have a brand designed on a NAME BRAND professional level. You are also instilled with the security confidence of 256-Bit SSL encryption and the server speeds of AWS web services. If your product/label is successful this fee will more than pay for itself. Some of the brands we have designed do well over $40K per month after 12 months of daily growth.
That being said, we can only guarantee that your brand and website will look like a million bucks. We cannot guarantee that your product will reach top level success selling online.

Q: With the hourly service, who will I be meeting with online?

A: We take our consulting work very seriously. If you schedule a consult with 12Labels you will be meeting with both Founders Josh Singer & Nick Gilboy. Depending on what your specific needs are, we will also introduce you to our programmers, graphics artists or video production experts.

Q: Do you offer any kind of guarantee on your services?

A: 12Labels maintains an unconditional customer service policy across all our products & services. Wether it is for one of the e-com brands we manage or our Private Label consulting, we offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee. We are fully aware that our customers must be 100% satisfied with us in order for them to confidently recommend us to anyone in their network.

Q: We really need to have a CMS for our team to be able to update the website. What CMS do you build with?

A: Our web development team has worked with content management systems like Joomla, Magento, Opencart, WordPress & Shopify. If we are starting from scratch, we will DEFINITELY use WordPress since it has significantly more learning & dev resources than any other CMS.
Every one of our WP themes, comes with extensive documentation and video tutorials that help you install, set up, and edit your theme and you don’t even need a lot of WP knowledge or programming skills like js, or php.

Q: How Do I Pay? Is there a payment plan?

A: We accept check, wire transfer, Paypal online payment or VENMO application transfer.
If you would like to arrange a payment plan with us, please use the contact us form and let us know the specifics of your project. We are very experienced getting paid in Milestones. i.e. First payment after logo & mockups, Second payment after Beta website & product samples, etc....

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